We are a design consultancy and innovation lab.

Massive digital disruption is accelerating the pace of change, causing unbounded complexity.

We help organizations grow and thrive as complexity dominates how companies are run, the way products and services work, and the environments in which people live. MAYA exists to make users feel powerful in an era of vast interconnectivity.

We tame complexity.

We build the connected world with human-centered design, an architectural approach, and research.


We focus on people first, and form interdisciplinary teams with clients and stakeholders to create a constant feedback loop. We move iteratively from a rough proof-of-concept to an end-to-end experience with real users so that our designs satisfy, delight and inspire.


We believe that information architecture—a blueprint for the connections and patterns of interaction in a system—is critical to future-proofing a business. In complex, connected ecosystems, it’s not technology that binds products together, it’s information.


We fund research efforts so organizations can benefit from understanding the challenges and opportunities of a truly connected world. We prototype future use cases for technology— where trillions of devices communicate with each other, and with us.

Four Common Myths in Human-Centered Design Research
Feb 15 2017 by Brett Leber

Common traps in thinking about design research, and how to overcome them.

Innovation Comes from Cross-Pollination: The Three Tiers of Successful Design
Jan 06 2017 by David Bishop

For the most successful design results do you choose an innovative design or an experienced team?

Throwback Trillions™ Thursday: Scaling the Connected World
Dec 15 2016 by Peter Lucas

We revisit the whitepaper, “The Trillions-Node Network,” to discuss the challenges of a trillion-node network on a global scale.

Visage Receives SIGecom Test of Time Award
Jan 24 2017

Our published work in information visualizations was recognized by SIGecom for its forward-thinking approach, and proves its research is still relevant 20 years later.

Who's Who in Energy: Pittsburgh Class of 2016
Dec 20 2016

Our Director of Engineering, Kevin Hoffman, was named one of Pittsburgh’s top players in the energy industry for 2016.

MAYA Engages Community in Planning for New Quaker Valley High School
Nov 03 2016

MAYA uses a human-centered approach to design a new high school for the Quaker Valley community.