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Four Common Myths in Human-Centered Design Research

Common traps in thinking about design research, and how to overcome them.

Brett Leber
Designer & Researcher

Innovation Comes from Cross-Pollination: The Three Tiers of Successful Design

For the most successful design results do you choose an innovative design or an experienced team?

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist

Throwback Trillions™ Thursday: Scaling the Connected World

Dec 15 2016 in Connected World

We revisit the whitepaper, “The Trillions-Node Network,” to discuss the challenges of a trillion-node network on a global scale.

Peter Lucas
Founding Principal

Throwback Trillions™ Thursday: Healthcare in the Age of Trillions

Dec 01 2016 in Connected World

There are vast amounts of new value to be created in healthcare. Significant progress can be made in the industry if healthcare leaders learn to lead by design.

John Crowley
Vice President of Strategy

Design Thinking and Doing Part I—The Recursive Loop

Nov 30 2016 in Notes from the Field

Design thinking is more than a buzzword. Our Service Design Lead explains design thinking and doing in relation to service design.

Traci Thomas
Service Design Lead

Trillions™ Thursday: The Internet of Too Much Information

Nov 17 2016 in Connected World

We dive into data storage and how it has shaped the future of data collection and recall.

Trillions™ Thursday: The Illusion of Information

Nov 10 2016 in Connected World

Our explanation of information according to Trillions™.

Government by Design

We see design as a fundamental element for the decision-making and problem-solving process. We decided to look into how we can use design as a tool for seeking alignment in government.

Throwback Trillions™ Thursday: The Internet of Things Isn’t About Things

Nov 03 2016 in Connected World

This Trillions™ Thursday we’re sharing some thoughts on IoT from the MAYA archives.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal