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Happy Holidays from the MAYA Companies!

Jan 03 2014 in Notes from the Field

This year our holiday card takes a look at our year in numbers.

An Architecture of Play

As human-centered designers, we can draw a lot of inspiration from the philosophy and science of game design and apply that knowledge toward making successful products that people love to use.

Jon Larkin
Game Designer & Engineer

MAYApinion: App Engagement Metrics

Measuring usability and user satisfaction is a best practice and a key to success, but our experience is that few projects advance to the point where they’re accomplishing this — measuring usability or acting on what they learn. Unfortunately, there is no simple recipe or silver bullet, but even the effort put into determining what’s important will be valuable to your design process.

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist

Information Architecture Redux

A thoughtful client recently asked me to explain the value of information architecture for customers and end-users.

Jon West
Senior Analyst

So you learned stuff. Now what?

What happens after the research is over? This is one of the most challenging parts of design—translating needs into tangible direction, taking a leap from insight into making.

Lauren Chapman
Human Scientist

The Internet of Things isn’t about things

Mar 01 2013 in Connected World

The words “Internet of Things” barely scratch the surface of the opportunities, and challenges, ahead.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Apps for the Public Good

Feb 25 2013 in Notes from the Field

MAYA’s Mickey McManus got programmers at the Steel City Codefest working through the night with a kick-off presentation to the competing teams.

Best Design Articles of 2012

Jan 10 2013 in Notes from the Field

Welcome to 2013… I was going to collect a “best design articles of 2012” list, but when I started to curate the list, I ended up with books, videos, and articles that stray from Design but should be read anyway.

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist

On Touch Target Size

At MAYA, we’ve had a number of discussions amongst ourselves and with our clients about the optimal size for touch targets. This article summarizes what we know and provides some useful references.

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist

What’s empathy got to do with it?

Successful and strong human-centered designers know how to develop and have empathy for their users. But too often sympathy is confused with empathy. Why is it critical to know the difference? And how can you build your empathy skills?

Lauren Chapman
Human Scientist