Bridget Monahan

Senior Designer & Researcher

Bridget is a research professional whose insights have been used in innovation design, communications strategy, and user experience design. For the past 15 years, she has worked with clients around the globe and across a wide variety of industries, including, financial services, technology, telecommunications, and consumer products. In all of her projects she helps clients connect the dots from meaningful research data to tangible, actionable opportunities for change; serving as either a problem-solver or a storyteller, usually both.


MS Information Science, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BA English Literature, Boston University

Places I’ve worked

I’ve made and sold lemonade from a cart near Fenway Park. I’ve gone office to office providing tech support for the UNC hospital system. And I’ve signed constituent letters with an auto-pen for a US Congressman. None of those recently though…

Places I’ve Lived

Boston, MA
Carrboro, NC
Brooklyn, NY

Outside of MAYA

Getting reacquainted with the city of my youth through photography—I’ve missed its hills and low clouds, the tangles of telephone wires and insanely steep steps, the evidence of its industry in warehouses, river views, and dusty shot and beer bars. I also hang out with my husband and son.

Favorite Places to Visit

Any art museum, but particularly the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.
Any mountain town, but particularly Jerome, Arizona.
Any beach town, but particularly Sea Isle City on the Jersey Shore.

First Thing I Built

For the 8th grade science fair, a 3-sided display out of cardboard and construction paper on REM sleep, with giant eyeball drawings. Unbelievably it won a prize.

Blog Posts

MAYA Volunteer Day: A Few Hours Can Make a Big Difference
Aug 16 2016 in Notes from the Field

Our Human Sciences team left the office for a day and got their hands dirty to help build green spaces in our community.

An Argument for Observational Research
Aug 21 2015 in Human-Centered Design

Observational research doesn’t get much buzz as a design research method. But for real aha moments, it can reveal insights that you can’t get through conversation alone.

Guerrilla Research at One of the Largest Trade Shows in the World: A Quick How-To
Oct 06 2014 in Notes from the Field

How do you undertake design research among 100,000+ possible subjects in a way that yields valuable insights? Some lessons learned from our recent experience at IMTS.


11 Principles to Guide HMI Design for Critical Drilling Equipment
Aug 31 2016

11 principles to keep in mind when applying Human-Machine Interface design to drilling equipment from the MAYA team who worked with Transocean via