Kent Vasko II


Kent designs and prototypes systems and interfaces in the service of people. He specializes in interactive visualizations, mixed reality (e.g., AR, VR), and playful interactions.

Before joining MAYA, Kent worked for Walt Disney Imagineering, developing, testing, and sustaining software based interactions and attractions.

At MAYA, Kent looks for opportunities to combine his software engineering skills with his interests in cognition, human behavior, building in any artistic medium, and storytelling to create meaningful experiences.


MA Entertainment Technology, Carnegie Mellon University
BA Computer Science, Hiram College

Places I’ve worked

Walt Disney Imagineering

Places I’ve Lived

Pittsburgh, PA
Newbury, OH
San Francisco, CA
Orlando, FL

Outside of MAYA

Doing something physically active―running, swimming, biking, rock climbing, and anything else that catches my fancy, mentally active―writing and chatting about philosophy, societal norms and how they came to be, or exploring various mediums of expression―lighting, glass blowing, photography, clay work, carpentry, etc.

Earliest Memory of Using Something High-Tech

My earliest memory using something high-tech is playing Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo.

Blog Posts

You Have No More Excuses for Avoiding VR + AR
Mar 28 2017 in Notes from the Field

Has your organization embraced VR and AR yet? Here’s how to start.

Design Prototyping in Virtual Reality
Aug 18 2016 in Notes from the Field

Our engineering team decided to take a closer look at virtual reality to see how it could be applied to prototyping, collaboration, and more.

Wearables: The Decline of Distraction in a Connected World
Aug 07 2015 in Connected World

Wearable devices are making their way into everything. But we must be prudent in our efforts to ensure that interactions between humans and information are meaningful.