Magesh Balasubramanya

Research Engineer

Magesh is a full-time research engineer working on cutting-edge design that is at the core of MAYA’s research goals. His educational background in both hardware and software technologies contributes much to MAYA’s Pervasive Computing practice, allowing him to draw from the best of both worlds.

Magesh is primarily involved in designing and developing MAYA’s Visage application and Information Architecture (VIA), which can support a completely peer-to-peer and zero infrastructure public information space.


MS Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida
BT Electronics, Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University, in Chennai, India

Blog Posts

Info-centric Imagery
Aug 09 2008 in Architectural Approach

A decade or two ago, the global marketplace to share ideas and opinions was the venerable Bulletin Boards and Newsgroups. The predominant mode for such sharing of diverse ideas was plain text. Fast forward to the 21st century.