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SXSW Interactive 2013

Mar 10 2013

The web is over, it was a cute lab experiment, the sort of toy that Nature watches her children play with and laughs. Six billion mobile devices. Eight? Ten? Cute as a button. What will happen when we climb the next mountain? When instead of information being “in” computers; people, products, environments, and cultures begin to live “in” the information?

Crowdsourcing Digital Device Design

Mar 07 2013

MAYA’s Stephen Spencer explores the challenges of creating digital devices at SXSW Interactive in Austin this week by prototyping product concepts in real-time through an interactive collaboration with the audience.

Guest Blogging at Interactions Magazine

Mar 02 2013

Designer and Researcher Lauren Chapman is guest blogging at interactions magazine. Read her first post, The Start of an Exploration.

MAYA Honored by Master Builders’ Assocation

Mar 02 2013

MAYA Design’s new space in downtown Pittsburgh was recognized by the Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania for “Excellence in Craftsmanship” at the Building Excellence Awards.

Big Opportunities in Big Data

Feb 20 2013

MAYA CEO Mickey McManus joins copanelists at Enterprise Forum Pittsburgh for a discussion of the opportunities in big data for business, technology and design.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Innovators and Collaborators in Education

Feb 20 2013

As a featured presenter in the iCON Speaker Series, Senior Designer Paul Gould will help inaugurate the new Center for Creativity at Allegheny Intermediate Unit by speaking to an audience of educators about design, technology, and how education will evolve in a connected world.

Paul Gould
Senior Designer

Computing Turned Inside Out

Feb 10 2013

Mickey McManus talks with TechTalk radio in Boston about preparing businesses to thrive in the next information technology paradigm.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

MAYA Principals Win Carnegie Science Award

Feb 03 2013

Congratulations to MAYA’s Pete Lucas, Joe Ballay, and Mickey McManus, winners of the 2013 Carnegie Science Award in the Science Communicator category. The award will be presented on May 3, 2013 at the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.

Peter Lucas
Founding Principal
Joe Ballay
Founding Principal
Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Marketing in the Connected Age

Jan 30 2013

What happens when every thing in your world—your laundry, your kitchen, your house—streams billions of bits of information from trillions of connections, communicating with each other and with you? MAYA CEO Mickey McManus delivers the keynote at the Mobile Marketing Association’s Forum, “The Mobile Connected Life,” in San Francisco.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

MAYA’s David Bishop to Speak at Harvard xDesign

Jan 26 2013

MAYA Fellow David Bishop will join design industry leaders at Harvard’s inaugural xDesign speaker series and design challenge. Organized by former MAYAn Roderick McMullen, the event brings together Harvard’s Business School and the Graduate School of Design to transform the university’s approach to technology, business, and design education.

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist