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Preparing for the Future of Design

Feb 08 2012

Learn how Lauren Chapman, MAYA Designer & Researcher, prepares for the future of design. Lauren was one of several February panelists at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design Lecture Series, Design the Future, where designers shared their individual visions of how design can shape our world.

Lauren Chapman
Human Scientist

Creative Clash

Jan 26 2012

David Bishop, MAYA’s Fellow in Human Sciences, spoke about how we found our national success at the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s “Creative Clash! The Future of Creativity, Technology and a New Innovation Community in Pittsburgh.” The event was held at the Carnegie Museum of Art and explored Pittsburgh’s history and future as a key innovator at the intersection of art and technology.

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist

MAYA Announces New Roles to Further Advance Human-Centered Design

Nov 14 2011

To further human-centered design, David Bishop is now a MAYA Fellow and Katie Scott has assumed the role of director, Human Sciences Group.

Pittsburgh Business Times: MAYA Uses Data to Help Fight Childhood Obesity

Oct 07 2011

An article about how John Crowley and his colleagues at MAYA are creating a virtual supermarket to combat the food oasis problem.

2011 Blouin Creative Leadership Summit

Sep 19 2011

Mickey McManus emphasized the importance of teaching design at a young age when he was a panelist at the Art & Design: Being in the World session on September 19 in New York City. The panel discussed the role of education with respect to innovation and creativity. The Blouin Summit is an annual think-tank forum organized by the Louise Blouin Foundation in strategic partnership with the United Nations Office for Partnerships.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

IEEE Symposium on VL/HCC’11

Sep 19 2011

MAYA co-founder Peter Lucas presented a demo on “Scripting a Radically Distributed World: Recursively-nested Visual Dataflow Programming for Pervasive Computing” at the Posters and Demonstrations Dinner that was part of the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing. The dinner took place at Carnegie Mellon University, and was part of an IEEE conference that runs from September 18-22 in Pittsburgh.

Peter Lucas
Founding Principal

MAYA Companies Moving to Downtown Pittsburgh to Accommodate Growth

Sep 13 2011

Because of MAYA’s continuing organic growth, we’ll be relocating to Downtown Pittsburgh in Spring 2012.

Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation: 2011 Transform Symposium

Sep 13 2011

John Crowley, head of MAYA’s Engineering Group, was one of three people selected from among 40 applicants to present an iSpot (5-minute spot) during the Community Interventions Session on September 13. John will demonstrate MAYA’s Food Oasis project, an SMS-based virtual grocery marketplace. (For more information about Food Oasis go to

John Crowley
Vice President of Strategy

IDEAS The Innovation + Design Series

Aug 29 2011

Mickey McManus will participate in the August 2011 IDEAS Series Workshop in San Francisco, CA. He will address the social implications of design.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal Leaders See Tech Imitating Nature

Aug 25 2011

Here’s an article about the evolutionary angle Mickey McManus took when discussing the challenges of the information age. The discussion took place on August 23 at the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s “Making Technology Invisible: Future Trends of Human-Computer Interaction.”