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IDSA Western Pennsylvania Chapter

Aug 23 2011

Mickey McManus will talk about Taming Complexity and the Future of Connected Products and Experiences at an event sponsored by the Western PA chapter of IDSA.

Where: Pittsburgh Technology Council office

2000 Technology Drive #100

5:30-8:30 p.m.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal Taming Complexity Blog

Jul 22 2011

My Body Sings The Social Electric: Health In The Age of Trillions Read this entry in Mickey McManus’s blog about innovations in connected health.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Atlanta Journal Constitution

Jun 07 2011

Read what Bart Foster, founder and CEO of SoloHealth, has to say in the HealthFlock blog about MAYA’s Food Oasis project, our SMS-based virtual grocery marketplace.

Ideas Economy - Information: Making Sense of the Deluge

Jun 07 2011

Mickey McManus delivered a “flash of genius” session at this Economist event, which took place in Santa Clara, California.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Strategic Alliance to Transform Connected Experiences in an Information-Rich World

Jun 01 2011

Connectivity Week 2011

May 24 2011

Mickey McManus was a keynote speaker at the Connectivity Week 2011 conference “Smart Grid, Beyond the Grid,” in Santa Clara, CA. Mickey talked about what we can do with the deluge of information coming from machines and the need for managing complexity.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience Empathy and Innovation Summit

May 22 2011

Francine Gemperle, senior researcher in our Human Sciences Group, joined Lawrence Murphy, chief designer at GE Healthcare, to facilitate a demonstration of how to use MAYA’s instaKIVA® . They did this with 2 groups of 12 conference attendees who focused on how to improve the patient experience. Francine also did a panel on the role of design in creating the patient experience, and she presented “tools you can use tomorrow” to the audience.

Francine Gemperle
Senior Design Strategist

MAYA One of Five Project Teams Selected for Portal to the Point Design Ideas Exploration

Apr 15 2011

MAYA is one of five multidisciplinary teams selected to explore design ideas for public art and design in Pittsburgh’s Point State Park, once a significant historical crossing and battleground and the most visible landmark in Pittsburgh.

Globe and Mail

Apr 13 2011

See Mickey McManus talk about innovation and Human-Centered Design in this series of “Leading Thinkers” interviews with Canada’s Globe and Mail.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Build Pittsburgh

Apr 07 2011

Dutch MacDonald, MAYA’s VP of Operations/COO (and resident architect) moderated a panel discussion about Evidence-Based Design at AIA’s Build Pittsburgh. The event took place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Dutch MacDonald
President & CEO