The latest news from and about MAYA

Pittsburgh Technology Council: The MAYA Sign

Aug 26 2008

A Pittsburgh Technology Council blog features an article about our shiny new programmable MAYA sign.

Pop Star: Mickey McManus

Aug 20 2008

MAYA president and CEO Mickey McManus is interviewed by Pop City Pittsburgh about our vision of the future and how we help clients to prepare for it.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

DARPA Digital Object Storage and Retrieval (DOSR) Workshop

Aug 07 2008

MAYA Founder Peter Lucas was invited to present a talk on “The Universal Database: Data Persistence Through Fine-grained Mutable Data Objects and Massive Symmetrical Replication.”

Peter Lucas
Founding Principal

The Heart of Design

Jul 02 2008

University of Waterloo: SHAD Valley Summer Enrichment Program

The Invisible Exhibitor

Jun 18 2008

MAYA CEO Mickey McManus released two new research papers about Human-Centered Design within the Exhibition Industry at ECEF 2008. This research was co-sponsored by The ExpoGroup.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Design with Care: Attending to People in the Age of Pervasive Computing

Apr 23 2008

University of Cincinnati: College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning

SoloHealth Wins Three Awards, Including ’Best in Show’

Apr 17 2008

Just six months after MAYA helped SoloHealth go from an idea for a vision-testing kiosk to having the actual product fielded in Wal-Mart stores, SoloHealth won three awards at an important trade show in their industry, including “Best in Show,” “Best Healthcare Deployment,” and “Best New innovation in a Kiosk Deployment.” The lead judge said, “It was unlike anything else. This unique application is practical, fun to use, and presents a breakthrough technology platform that demonstrates the ability to make an enormous impact on people’s eye health, as well as the ability to drive revenue in the vision market.”

Sparking Innovation: Stories of Interaction Design for Industrial and Residential Electrical Systems

Apr 02 2008

Carnegie Mellon University: Human-Computer Interaction Institute

cityLIVE! The Essence of Leadership

Apr 01 2008

There are many kinds of leaders from all walks of life, but how does one define the qualities they all share? What inspires, what drives, what challenges someone, anyone, to become a leader?

Day care’s new frontier: Your baby at your desk

Mar 31 2008

USA Today’s Stephanie Armour profiles MAYA Design and several other companies that have drawn attention for allowing (even welcoming) babies of employees into the workplace.