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Sparking Innovation: Stories of Interaction Design for Industrial and Residential Electrical Systems

Apr 02 2008

Carnegie Mellon University: Human-Computer Interaction Institute

cityLIVE! The Essence of Leadership

Apr 01 2008

There are many kinds of leaders from all walks of life, but how does one define the qualities they all share? What inspires, what drives, what challenges someone, anyone, to become a leader?

Day care’s new frontier: Your baby at your desk

Mar 31 2008

USA Today’s Stephanie Armour profiles MAYA Design and several other companies that have drawn attention for allowing (even welcoming) babies of employees into the workplace.

DARPA Distinguished Speaker Lecture

Mar 08 2008

Peter Lucas was invited to present “Information Centricity: Adventures in Monomania.”

(Also presented at CHI 2007)

Peter Lucas
Founding Principal

Setting a New Course: Teaching Professional Engineers the Merit and Methods of Human-Centered Design

Jan 01 2008

Second International Conference on Design Principles and Practices

IDEA 2007

Oct 20 2007

MAYA’s director of human sciences, David Bishop, and communication designer Paul Gould led a full-day pre-conference workshop on information architecture as part of the IDEA 2007 conference in New York City.

David Bishop
Director of Human Sciences, Chief Human Scientist
Paul Gould
Senior Designer

Sky Radio: Pervasive Computing

Sep 16 2007

Interview with Mickey McManus about pervasive computing.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

CDC Health Marketing 2007

Aug 30 2007

At this Centers for Disease Control conference, MAYA CEO Mickey McManus presented a white paper about team strategies for facilitating innovation sessions.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF)

May 30 2007

MAYA CEO Mickey McManus gave the keynote presentation about market risks and opportunities that have arisen from a convergence of disruptive technology and the need for user centered design.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Association for Computing Machinery (CHI) 2007: Along the Path of Pervasive Computing

May 20 2007

MAYA founder and principal Dr. Peter Lucas talked about “Information Centricity: Adventures in Monomania” as part of a special invited session titled “Along the Path of Pervasive Computing: Selected Works in GUI and TUI Design” at CHI 2007 in San Jose, CA. Pete presented in conjunction with:

Peter Lucas
Founding Principal