The latest news from and about MAYA

Designing buildings and services from the end user’s viewpoint

Dec 15 2005

Covers MAYA’s information architecture and experience design work for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Allegheny County data-sharing initiative to launch soon

Nov 21 2005

MAYA’s technology behind the Information Commons will also make it possible for healthcare organizations to share data.

Information Commons: a bright star for the future of information

Sep 27 2005

Chris Jablonski talks to Josh Knauer about how the Information Commons liberates information by abandoning the relational database and client/server models.

Designing the Future of Information

Sep 03 2005

White paper from Harbor Research, Inc on the design of information systems for the future.

Public Participation in GIS Conference

Aug 20 2005

Josh Knauer spoke about the “National Infrastructure for Community Statistics — Liberating Public GIS and Statistical Data” for the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association in Cleveland, OH.

Fetish: Constant Reminder

Aug 16 2005

Features Eaton | Home Heartbeat as the perfect peace-of-mind tool for paranoid homeowners.

SIAM 2005 Annual Meeting

Jul 30 2005

At the annual conference of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Dominic Widdows shows how to use the logic of quantum particles for data mining and data fusion. Some of the research is described in his recent book, Geometry and Meaning.

WTAS 2005

Jul 20 2005

In Calgary, Alberta, Seung Chan Lim attends the annual IASTED conference on Web Technologies, Applications, and Services to show how rich Web applications can be built using the black box composition paradigm.

Avoiding Renovator’s Remorse: Home Networking

Jul 16 2005

Contrasts Eaton | Home Heartbeat with expensive, complicated systems.

Tides Foundation

Jun 30 2005

Josh Knauer gives a talk in San Francisco, CA on “Creating Compelling Cases for Environmental Action” using the Information Commons.