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Mickey McManus Talks Complexity with Design Mind

Oct 21 2013

In a massively connected world, MAYA’s CEO says “we need every brain on deck.”

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Design Research Conference at IIT

Oct 08 2013

MAYA’s Mickey McManus joins a distinguished group of professionals advancing the role of design research in innovation at IIT’s conference in Chicago.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

K-12 Video Gaming Conference

Oct 07 2013

Jon Larkin and Matt Casebeer spoke at a games and education conference at Propel Braddock Hills High School. The talk focused on what it means to be game designers who practice human centered design, a deep dive into fostering discovery and exploration, a history of Adventure Playgrounds, and a demo of MakerSwarm.

Jon Larkin
Senior Designer & Engineer
Matthew Casebeer
Senior Game Designer & Senior Software Engineer

MakerSwarm featured in Popular Science

Aug 28 2013

MakerSwarm, a new authoring tool by MAYA Design, is like “a roll of duct tape for the Internet of Things.”

International Conference on Human Computer Interactions

Aug 24 2013

MAYA co-founder Pete Lucas is delivering a paper called “Designing for People in the Age of Trillions” at Saveetha University in Chennai, India.

Peter Lucas
Founding Principal

Healthcare in the Age of Trillions

Aug 16 2013

Mickey McManus is leading a Healthcare Innovation By Design webinar on the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of design, technology, and healthcare.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Embrace the Bleeding Edge Without Getting Cut

Aug 13 2013

MAYA’s Paul Gould participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Kids+Creativity network to explore change management from the perspective of educators and design professionals.

Paul Gould
Senior Designer

Great Schools by Design

Jul 31 2013

MAYA COO Dutch MacDonald talks to Kidsburgh about designing creative environments in schools and classrooms.

Dutch MacDonald
President & CEO

Aspen Ideas Festival

Jun 29 2013

MAYA CEO Mickey McManus joins designers at the Aspen Ideas Festival to talk about how great design can improve our world and our lives.

Mickey McManus
Chairman & Principal

Crowdsourcing Attracts Attention at RAPID

Jun 19 2013

Singled out as “one of the coolest”, the booth and audience engagement designed in collaboration with the National Additive Manufacturing and Innovation Institute for the RAPID Conference was a success.