A cross-country research effort uncovers breakthrough healthcare product opportunities

MAYA Design teamed up with our partners in London, PDD, to work with KCI for an intensive ethnographic research effort. The goal was to identify new product opportunities, while also training the KCI innovation team in design research methods.

The deep research effort was focused on the world of spinal cord injuries, which took the team to three cities across the United States. We visited hospitals, rehab centers, assisted living facilities, and patients’ homes, where we conducted in-person interviews,and fly-on-the-wall observations. We spoke to over 75 people, ranging from paraplegic and quadriplegic patients to caregivers, physicians, nurses and physical therapists.



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A new direction for holistic patient care

The result of the fieldwork was the discovery and validation of a new product category for KCI to pursue—an opportunity that expanded the scope of their current offering and provided the patient with a holistic preventative and analytical suite of tools. In addition, the team worked together to synthesize the research into a range of design tools that can be leveraged as KCI moves forward—tools like personas, experience diagrams, or ecosystem maps—that guide product development and take the guesswork out of creating solutions based on the experiences, needs, and desires of real users.

We talked to a variety of stakeholders about their needs—from medical practitioners to patients suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Three organizations, one team

The relationship between MAYA and PDD drew on the depth and expertise of both firms to deliver in-depth research and analysis in the space of healthcare and product development, in addition to real and relevant practice in human-centered design methods that will continue to benefit KCI long after our collaboration has ended.

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