10 Qs, Summer Intern Edition: Meet Hannah

June 12, 2015 in Notes from the Field

Hannah Brinkman, Visual Design

1. What do you do at MAYA?
I lend a helping hand on projects while learning the ins-and-outs of working in my profession.

2. What superpower do you bring to the Visual Design team?
I’ve been told that I’m open-minded and personable. At school, I’m often picked to be the group leader, and my contributions to research and brainstorming are always strong. I believe successful design has purpose and meaning.

3. What’s your educational background?
I am a Senior at La Roche College and will be graduating May 2016.

4. What is the most meaningful project that has shaped you as a professional?
I would say all of my projects are meaningful and have shaped me in some way as I find myself improving after each one. I try to challenge myself by choosing different approaches, rather than sticking to one technique or style. Ultimately, I think it will make me a stronger designer. The toughest project I’ve had to date was building a responsive library interface from scratch. Learning how to code as well as trying to build the design you envision was very challenging.

5. What do you hope to learn while at MAYA?
I hope to gain real-world experience and take in a bit of knowledge from everyone at MAYA.

6. Where can we find you outside of work?
Running the streets and trails of Pittsburgh, soaking up some sun, or trying out different restaurants around the city.

7. Self-driving cars: “Sign me up!” or “I’ll take the bus.”
I’ll take the bus.

8. Best summer vacation destination?
Berlin, Germany

9. What summer blockbuster are you most excited to see?
Mad Max: Fury Road was AMAZING! As a Jurassic Park fan, I’ll definitely have to see Jurassic World.

10. Is cauliflower the new kale?
Although cauliflower is more versatile, I could never part with the amazing goodness of kale.

To learn more about Hannah, connect on LinkedIn.

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