LIGHTIME: Envisioning Art Through Design

September 28, 2016 in Notes from the Field
Bridget Deely
Marketing Specialist

How do you bring together a diverse group of creative thinkers to build one artistic vision? Just add a few designers into the mix. The Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA), in partnership with the Hillman Photography Initiative, has a pretty good idea of the results. That’s because their most recent exhibition, an interactive installation based on photography’s relationship with light called LIGHTIME, was a direct product of an iterative planning process facilitated by some of MAYA’s human scientists.

In late 2015, the Hillman Photography Initiative was working to develop programming for their next initiative. So when they entered the planning phase with select artists, they knew from their experience developing the first initiative that wanted to take a more strategic approach that aligned possible programming ideas.

Two of MAYA’s human scientists, Bridget Monahan and Francine Gemperle, brought their expertise to this team of creative “agents” by facilitating workshops to generate concepts and refine ideas. They began with a workshop aimed towards idea synthesis and analysis, digging deeper into questions around light, social implications, and its relationship to the Pittsburgh community. This was followed by another workshop to create a thematic narrative for the overall exhibition.

The result of these planning sessions was an interactive experience built on artistic interpretations of light and environmental sustainability, perceptions, and social justice, and featured the Light Clock, a clock-camera hybrid designed to represent photography as a measure of light and time, as its central installation. The strategic planning work from the MAYA team provided an opportunity for this initiative to effectively collaborate with multiple individuals and establish a cohesive backbone for the final LIGHTIME exhibition. You can check out LIGHTIME for yourself, now until Fall 2017 at the Carnegie Museum of Art.

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