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Audio, the Final Frontier

Mar 24 2016 in Notes from the Field

New audio-first platforms are increasing the demand for audio design.

Jonathan Brown
Senior Design Engineer

6 Key Takeaways From the Global Service Jam

Mar 22 2016 in Notes from the Field

The service design industry is quickly gaining traction in the United States. Here are six things to consider when designing for services.

Traci Thomas
Senior Strategic Designer
Brett Leber
Strategic Designer

The Benefit of Working With SMEs

Subject matter experts (SMEs) can be your greatest collaborators when designing product solutions that delight users. Here are 5 ways to make the most out of your partnership.

Kevin Hoffmann
Engineering Lead

Feature Creep Rant: Making the Right Thing

What is it about people that make them want to add features to products until they are bloated, unusable junk? Learn how to guard against feature creep.

David Bishop
Strategic Design Lead

2016 Happenings at MAYA

Jan 28 2016 in Notes from the Field

We’re looking forward to a new year of challenges and growth. Here are some of the exciting opportunities that MAYA is taking advantage of in 2016.

Dutch MacDonald
Digital Director

The Biggest Challenges of 2016

Jan 07 2016 in Notes from the Field

We predict that organizations will face two major challenges in 2016: preparing for an unknowable future, and innovating on their offerings to stay relevant in a changing environment.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor
Derek Lasher
Senior Product Manager

'Tis the Season for Brand Inspiration

Dec 17 2015 in Notes from the Field

Here, amongst the glad tidings and awkward family conversations, lies a bounty of lessons to help your brand in 2016.

Megan Guidi
Strategist, Brand & Experience Lead

Custom Oreo

Nov 10 2015 in Notes from the Field

A look at our newest project, and how digital production and mass customization is disrupting the CPG industry.

Stephen Spencer
Senior Experience Designer

Strategy for Culture Change

Oct 16 2015 in Notes from the Field

As physical and virtual environments become interdependent, a powerful way of thinking about workplace strategy emerges.

Kristi Woolsey
Product Lead

IoT at Human Scale

Oct 02 2015 in Connected World

We’ve been sold a narrow vision of IoT. There’s now an outstanding IOU to make IoT human-scaled, and give people greater control over their technology.

Stuart Roth
Senior Engineer