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Service Design, a Game Changer

Without engaging and memorable customer experiences, businesses are left with an undifferentiated brand, weak customer loyalty and sluggish revenues. Enter the rise of service design.

Traci Thomas
Senior Strategic Designer

The Web Will Die. What Then?

Jan 08 2015 in Connected World

A series of vaguely related events in December have caused me to think that this time, the Web will die. New trends are emerging that will impact data sharing of the future.

Jeff Senn
Chief Technology Officer

Usability Rant: If You Haven’t Drawn A Picture, You Haven’t Really Thought About It

Sketching can help you think better, understand better and more effectively use your brain.

David Bishop
Strategic Design Lead

More Than Just a Game at SXSW

Nov 06 2014 in Notes from the Field

How game design can help users navigate new experiences with curiosity and confidence.

Jon Larkin
Senior Engineer

Guerrilla Research at One of the Largest Trade Shows in the World: A Quick How-To

Oct 06 2014 in Notes from the Field

How do you undertake design research among 100,000+ possible subjects in a way that yields valuable insights? Some lessons learned from our recent experience at IMTS.

Sara Blumenstein
Bridget Monahan
Senior Designer & Researcher

The User Jury

I spoke to a client a little while ago about facilitating a user jury. At first, I wasn’t sure what they were asking. Were the users of their product being put on trial?

David Bishop
Strategic Design Lead

A Simple Framework for Generating Insights

Designer and researcher Traci Thomas on developing insights that lead to great design concepts.

Traci Thomas
Senior Strategic Designer

Field Notes on the Maker Movement

Jun 03 2014 in Notes from the Field

After MakerCon and MakerFaire SF 2014, Steve Spencer shares what he sees as the emerging themes in the “maker movement” including passsion, online and shared spaces, lowering barriers, and desktop design and manufacturing.

Stephen Spencer
Senior Experience Designer

Thoughts from CHI 2014

May 20 2014 in Notes from the Field

MAYA intern Sheila Christian went to CHI 2014 in Toronto—to accept an award!—and shares her thoughts from the conference.

Sheila Christian
Human Sciences Intern

The Future, Today

Apr 01 2014 in Notes from the Field

I look forward to leading MAYA Design into the next phase of our company’s evolution.

Dutch MacDonald
Digital Director