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Best Design Articles of 2012

Jan 10 2013 in Notes from the Field

Welcome to 2013… I was going to collect a “best design articles of 2012” list, but when I started to curate the list, I ended up with books, videos, and articles that stray from Design but should be read anyway.

David Bishop
Strategic Design Lead

On Touch Target Size

At MAYA, we’ve had a number of discussions amongst ourselves and with our clients about the optimal size for touch targets. This article summarizes what we know and provides some useful references.

David Bishop
Strategic Design Lead

What’s empathy got to do with it?

Successful and strong human-centered designers know how to develop and have empathy for their users. But too often sympathy is confused with empathy. Why is it critical to know the difference? And how can you build your empathy skills?

Lauren Chapman
Human Scientist

Composer Mason Bates Chats at MAYA about the Creative Process

Dec 02 2012 in Notes from the Field

Heinz Award winner and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s Composer of the Year Mason Bates shared thoughts on his creative process …

MAYA to Host Post-Screening Reception of The Naked Brand

Nov 30 2012 in Notes from the Field

The nature of marketing and advertising is fundamentally changing. Join the conversation with MAYA Design and the film’s co-director Jeff Rosenblum.

MAYA Co-Founder Seeds Fund to Promote Innovation in Education

Nov 05 2012 in Notes from the Field

The Ballay Family Fund will give new ideas and endeavors the boost they need to make a lasting and meaningful impact on how education is delivered.

Mad Science Supply & Surplus Opens in Pittsburgh!

Oct 31 2012 in Notes from the Field

Just in time for Halloween, volunteers from MAYA Design and Literary Arts Boom (LAB) launched a Mad Science Supply & Surplus pop-up shop in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

One Young World Dinner Delights

Oct 22 2012 in Notes from the Field

Over a dozen delegates from the One Young World Summit 2012 dined with a group of MAYAns on Saturday night in an intimate setting in Squirrel Hill. Young people representing regions as far away as Asia, Africa and Europe, and …

A Framework for Empathetic Problem Solving

Here at MAYA, we practice design both as problem solving and opportunity mapping. For example, consider “Design for Chronic Illness” and “Food Oasis,” the two case studies I presented at the 8th International Conference on Design & Emotion. These case studies illustrate how human-centered design creates a framework for empathetic problem solving.

Lauren Chapman
Human Scientist

Rhiza Named One of Pittsburgh’s 10 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Aug 24 2012 in Notes from the Field

MAYA spin-off Rhiza Labs has been recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the region’s 100 fastest growing companies. As part of the list, Rhiza ranked in the top 10 of all technology companies and in the top 50 overall.