The MAYAn Action League

December 10, 2011 in Notes from the Field
MAYAn Action League Sampler

For a few years now we’ve been building action figures to celebrate MAYAns and Friends of MAYAns that have inspired us, made us smile, or just plain are actually super heroes. Below you’ll find a sampling of some of them. Our hope is to make enough action figures to be able to create some sort of epic MAYA film someday. In the meanwhile, collect them all!

The Iron Chef Second Life Edition
The Iron Chef Second Life Edition - Back

Daniel Szecket, Iron Chef: Second Life Edition (now with USB taste print tongue adapter).

Wake up
Wake up detail

Matt Ross is “Wake Up Call!” Dreaming that his brother has suddenly morphed into a super villain hell bent on waking him up, Matt is powerless against the enemy’s dream logic! Matt thinks he’s waking when he finds himself in a dream within a dream, filming giant versions of himself in an epic battle, Can Matt Wake Up?

Cakes does not play that
Pay the bill

Not much is known about Al beyond the fact that he carries a calculator and hunts down late paying clients with a vengeance. He’s often heard shouting, “Cakes don’t take no for an answer!” as he hangs up his phone. Another day over, days sales outstanding? Zero and some change.

Neil Barclay is a Friend of MAYA who visited us during one of our retreats to tell us about the amazing work he was doing to create the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. For the holidays we gave him something to hang on his Christmas tree.

Draw like you give a damn

Mike-Draw like you give a damn!-Roy Mike was raised by a family of wolves who had stumbled into a cave in the hills of la grotte de Lascaux. He was weaned on paint brushes and pencil lead. Denied the ability to speak canine he communicated purely by sketching. When he left his family, part wolf, part man, he vowed to teach the world to give a damn.


Monsignor Impala aka Michael Lotenero has been a friend of MAYA for years and helped us make one of the best holiday posters ever created. He is the Illustrated Man.

Can he save the world?
He’s so cute

Jeff’s first words as he was fixing his tribe’s difference engine were, “Aaargh, any complex system will tend to non-deterministically fail in inverse proportion to the level of the observer’s understanding of the system’s operation!” The elders quailed. He was three years old.

Close up of Kid UnObtainium
Kid UnObtainium is on the case!

As a child Steve hand-built all of his friends from discarded toasters and motorcycle parts. Forged in the fires of creativity, Steve was tossed deep into the far end of the MAYA pool and emerged clad in a custom machined suit milled from a solid block of UnObtainium. He is the budget breaker!

Sadistic Spinning Coach

Lori “Get on the damn bike!” Paul, Executive Assistant, Sadistic Spinning Coach. Do not taunt her.


Rich begins each day reciting his holy oath, “Oh, Time, Strength, Cash, and Patience… save me from the bite of yon serpent known as orthodoxy…”He then dons his cape, spectacles, and index cards in a battle with the great whale of complexity.

Man about town.

“Paul” was born with a rare genetic mutation that doomed him to speak in puns. When young he was shunned by schoolmates for his witty quips and sporty outfits. Guised as a friendly man about town he doles out his verbal barrages as deceptively casual bon mots leaving a trail of groans in his wake.

She knows.
She sees you.

As a child Amy discovered that she could hear people’s thoughts, taste their emotions, and see their beliefs. By the time she was six the voices in her head were too much, she traveled to Tibet and began a course of study to control her mind and body.

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