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An Architecture of Play

As human-centered designers, we can draw a lot of inspiration from the philosophy and science of game design and apply that knowledge toward making successful products that people love to use.

Jon Larkin
Senior Engineer

Information Architecture Redux

A thoughtful client recently asked me to explain the value of information architecture for customers and end-users.

Jon West
Senior Analyst

Information Centricity 101

Information-centric design places primacy on the information itself to support direct interaction between people and information.

Francine Gemperle
Senior Design Strategist

What is Information Architecture?

Two short films and a bit of a rant about Information Architecture.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Info-centric Imagery

A decade or two ago, the global marketplace to share ideas and opinions was the venerable Bulletin Boards and Newsgroups. The predominant mode for such sharing of diverse ideas was plain text. Fast forward to the 21st century.

Magesh Balasubramanya
Research Engineer