We are a diverse group of curious, engaged, and experienced professionals.

Our People

Problem solving is our core competency.

At heart, we’re designers who have an intense desire to turn human experiences with technology products into positive, fruitful interactions. We work with our clients so our designs reflect the DNA of both organizations. And our clients aren’t insulated from innovation by gatekeepers or handlers. Everyone at MAYA is a practitioner, and our culture reflects the unique contributions of every individual.

Meet Our Team
Our Space

We believe the physical environment plays a critical role in fostering innovation, and our space is designed to be an active part of the design process. Welcome.

A few facts about our space:

The Kiva is our main ideation room.

The circular space of the Kiva® disrupts typical group dynamics by removing the head of the table and the front of the room. Wraparound whiteboards help us stay physically immersed in the information and ideas we’ve generated.

We sit in neighborhoods.

Our desks aren’t arranged by team or project. We sit in open, interdisciplinary neighborhoods where serendipitous interactions create a richer work environment and better outcomes for clients.

Our space supports our culture.

Our space helps us accomplish the things we value most: collaboration, ideation, and making stuff. We have prototyping labs for each discipline and dozens of formal and ad hoc collaborative spaces.



Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology

Written by the Principals of MAYA Design, Trillions™ is a field guide to the future, exploring the emerging value at the intersection of design, technology, and business during the dawn of a new era. There are already many more computing devices in the world than there are people. In a few short years, their number will climb into the trillions. We are quickly figuring out how to make those devices communicate with each other, and with us. Trillions™ is an account of both the challenges and the opportunities that the age of pervasive computing will bring—and how to profit from them.

“With Trillions™, authors Lucas, Ballay, and McManus belly up to the bar alongside futurists Alvin Toffler, Kevin Kelly, and Arthur C. Clark, offering a vision so compellingly argued you’ll only be surprised if it doesn’t happen”
—John C. Abell, Founding Editor of Reuters.com, Wired NY Bureau Chief

Now available.


We’re not just a design consultancy. We’re also a technology research lab. And when we have a good idea, we give it a chance to grow until it’s ready to leave the nest. These new companies enable us to pursue great opportunities, without losing the culture that makes us unique.

We call them doppos.

LUMA equips individuals, teams, and organizations to accelerate innovation through the discipline of Human-Centered Design. Their educational offerings help businesses, non-profits, and governments multiply their own ability to innovate.

Interstacks is a MAYA research and development project that’s focused on the future of pervasive computing—letting you integrate trillions of things (digital or physical) using a patented system of snap-together, single-function, electronic blocks.

Rhiza is a software company originally incubated at MAYA Design that now integrates public, enterprise and syndicated data in one powerful research analytics tool. Rhiza helps their clients uncover deep insights about customers, operations and the competitive landscape through a human-centered approach to big data.

Using internal research called Visage, MAYA worked with DARPA to redefine command and control for the US Army with Command Post of the Future, a collaborative information visualization tool. MAYA Viz was spun off to commercialize Visage into a product called CoMotion® and is now a division of General Dynamics Mission Systems.