Andrew Lageman


Andrew is an engineer with a passion for creating things. He specializes in mid-level and backend web development, hardware prototyping, and 3D visualizations. With his diverse development background and natural curiosity, Andrew enjoys learning about (and experimenting with) new technologies. At MAYA, Andrew focuses on digital properties—building software and hardware to rapidly prototype complex experiences that help clients envision a connected future.

When he was 17, Andrew started his career as a 3D artist, where he did 3D modeling and animation to create safety videos for an gas and oil pipeline company. After receiving his first degree, Andrew used his animation skills to build 3D training simulators, and evolved into a 3D artist/developer hybrid as he taught himself how to code.

Prior to joining MAYA, Andrew worked for Joy Global—an underground mining equipment manufacturer—where he programmed simulators, designed algorithms to calculate and visually represent volume based on limited data, prototyped custom hardware controllers for simulations, and modeled environments and machines. Andrew is also named on a patent for developing features for an underground mining simulator.


BFA Computer Animation, Edinboro University
BS Computer Science, Slippery Rock University

Places I’ve worked

Joy Global
Future POS

My Superpower

Drinking copious amounts of coffee and chocolate milk.

Quote That Inspires Me

“Jump off the cliff and learn how to make wings on the way down.”
-Ray Bradbury

First Thing I Built

When I was seven, my siblings and I would have paper airplane tournaments. There were various classes in which the planes could compete: speed, distance and appearance. I built so many different designs and shapes, and tested them in the backyard. My distance plane had flaps cut in the back to give more lift, and my speed plane was folded as tight as possible to make it dart-like. Some failed miserably, and some performed spectacularly. I’m pretty sure I won the speed category.


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