Jeff Senn

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff provides strategic leadership that supports the technical preeminence of MAYA and its research. He previously led MAYA’s Engineering Group, specializing in designing and prototyping architectures, software, and hardware for computing and network systems.

Jeff is a key member of several project teams, and managed the development of Visage, a powerful data exploration, navigation, and visualization system that led to MAYA Viz, a spin-off company bought by General Dynamics in 2005. Visage is the basis for Viz’s Command Post of the Future and its CoMotion visualization tool.

Before coming to MAYA in 1989, Jeff worked for the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). There, he designed and assembled a vision-tracking laboratory and developed data collection and analysis tools. He was also on the team that developed and maintained a unique software-distribution and system-management environment (one of the first successful Intranets) for a large computer network.

When he’s not ranting about how no engineer educated in this century understands how virtual memory actually works, he is playing (or building) a funny-looking near-eastern musical instrument, renovating his arts-and-crafts house, or inventing something useful and/or dangerous.


BS Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

My Superpower

Leaping tall, inconsistent arguments in a single bound.

Quote That Inspires Me

“A witty saying proves nothing.”

Books I Love

I love well-constructed fantasy or science-fiction that is prophetic or leads to insights of the human condition. Examples include Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings; Asimov’s Foundation Series, many things that Zelazny wrote. I have a vague sentimental spot for “outdated/classic” scifi/fantasy like E.R. Burroughs ad H.G. Wells.

Earliest Memory of Using Something High-Tech

A “100-in-1 Electronic Projects Kit,” circa 1974. Yes, at the time, that was high-tech.

First Thing I Built

A house that I helped my dad build (when I was 6).

Blog Posts

The Web Will Die. What Then?
Jan 08 2015 in Connected World

A series of vaguely related events in December have caused me to think that this time, the Web will die. New trends are emerging that will impact data sharing of the future.


Visage Receives SIGecom Test of Time Award
Jan 24 2017

Our published work in information visualizations was recognized by SIGecom for its forward-thinking approach, and proves its research is still relevant 20 years later.

Insider vs. Outsider Data Security Threats
Aug 24 2016

MAYA Chief Technologist, Jeff Senn, weighs in on internal vs. external data security debate for


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Inventors: Jeffrey Senn, Peter Lucas, Rashi Khanna
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