John Crowley

Digital Principal

As a Digital Principal, John Crowley helps clients utilize human-centered design to create sustainable business value by tackling the complex transition from strategy to execution. For 10 years, he worked in other capacities at MAYA as a Senior Designer and Director of the Engineering Group, helping some of its largest manufacturing, IT and health care clients deliver products and services to new markets. John has nearly 20 years of experience, and brings a deep understanding of the health care space, having designed medical devices and clinical information systems, in addition to services for chronic disease management.

Before coming to MAYA, he worked in several product development groups, at both corporations and consultancies. His experience with diverse, interdisciplinary teams has allowed him to see many different approaches to solving complex problems.


BS Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

My Superpower

Strategic problem framing; thinking big picture

Blog Posts

Throwback Trillions™ Thursday: Healthcare in the Age of Trillions
Dec 01 2016 in Connected World

There are vast amounts of new value to be created in healthcare. Significant progress can be made in the industry if healthcare leaders learn to lead by design.

Speaking Engagements

Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation: 2011 Transform Symposium
Sep 13 2011

John Crowley, head of MAYA’s Engineering Group, was one of three people selected from among 40 applicants to present an iSpot (5-minute spot) during the Community Interventions Session on September 13. John will demonstrate MAYA’s Food Oasis project, an SMS-based virtual grocery marketplace. (For more information about Food Oasis go to