Kevin Hoffmann

Engineering Lead

As MAYA’s Engineering Lead, Kevin leads his team in taming complex systems and user interfaces through human-centered design. He enjoys the challenge that comes with learning new domains and developing new interfaces and products for people, supporting his belief that understanding the user leads to better product design. He works to deliver the best user experience by managing teams, understanding end-users, defining information architectures, and building the right thing to delight users and clients alike.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Kevin’s work is strongly rooted in the power of iterating — beginning with diagrams, mockups, and prototypes, and then conducting user tests to find ways to improve a design. He applies interdisciplinary teams consisting of MAYA’s human scientists, visual designers, and engineers, as well as client subject experts, to design solutions that support an organization’s digital transformation. Kevin has used this process to help a number of industry-leading companies.


MS Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh
BS Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

My Superpower

Project managing. I work with my interdisciplinary teams to ensure that clients
get what they need on time and in budget.

Blog Posts

The Benefit of Working With SMEs
Feb 18 2016 in Human-Centered Design

Subject matter experts (SMEs) can be your greatest collaborators when designing product solutions that delight users. Here are 5 ways to make the most out of your partnership.

Why do we prototype?
Dec 03 2009 in Human-Centered Design

Over the last several years, I’ve developed the mantra, “Just prototype it.” The experience of having to think through how things are built makes you ask all sorts of questions you never get around to in a design/brainstorming meeting. There are a few things to keep in mind before you begin though.

The Vision of MAYA
Sep 25 2006 in Notes from the Field

When I joined MAYA in November of 1997, I was excited by the ideas of new challenges, working on all types of user interfaces. I had found myself in previous jobs building user interfaces (a voice response application, an interface to compile large mainframe applications and run regression tests). During my first week I had a meeting with Peter Lucas, one of the founders of MAYA, to gain some insight into what MAYA is and what they were doing with Visage and Interstacks. After a couple of hours of Pete diagramming things on a whiteboard, talking in what seemed like a foreign language (it sounded like English, but with a bunch of odd words like ‘uforms’, ‘repositories’, ‘transducers’, etc.) I went home that night and wondered if I was in over my head.


Who's Who in Energy: Pittsburgh Class of 2016
Dec 20 2016

Our Director of Engineering, Kevin Hoffman, was named one of Pittsburgh’s top players in the energy industry for 2016.

11 Principles to Guide HMI Design for Critical Drilling Equipment
Aug 31 2016

11 principles to keep in mind when applying Human-Machine Interface design to drilling equipment from the MAYA team who worked with Transocean via

Human-centered design pushes reliability, safety for offshore drilling
Jun 27 2016

MAYA Design’s Kevin Hoffman and his team employed HCD strategies to help engineer a better experience for Transocean employees working on offshore rigs.