Nancy Rekhelman

Strategic Designer

Nancy is a researcher and designer in MAYA’s Human Sciences team. Nancy combines her experience in Anthropology and Design to deeply understand user needs and create the most innovative and appropriate solutions for them. Nancy is especially interested in the intersection of physical products and digital experiences. She also loves using design to provide resources for and empower underserved populations.

As a graduate student, Nancy worked on design projects ranging from firefighter safety to medication adherence to pet adoptions. Outside of MAYA, Nancy can be found enjoying the sun, embarking on the latest art project, or experimenting with new vegetarian recipes.


BFA in Painting and Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis
MID (Master of Industrial Design), North Carolina State University

Places I’ve Lived

Atlanta, GA
St. Louis, MO
Raleigh, NC
Pittsburgh, PA

My Superpower

I’m great at listening and bouncing ideas around with a group in order to hone in on the best concept.

Outside of MAYA

Outside in the sun or painting.

First Thing I Built

When I was about 4 years old, I made a rolling “train” so that I could pull all of my toys around the house.