We shape environments that enable innovation and create lasting behavioral change.

Creative Environments

Researched-based design for your workplace.

People come up with new ideas better in open spaces with high ceilings. They focus better and make decisions faster in small spaces. Retailers have long understood how physical space influences our behavior—and your organization should likewise leverage this powerful concept. Cultivating a culture of innovation can be your biggest defense as the cornerstone of your business—employee and customer retention—are threatened.

At MAYA, we believe that environments influence behavior, that collective behavior creates culture, and that culture drives results. We design the physical and digital environments, and the cultural strategies, to help you achieve your key business objectives. Our holistic, discovery-driven approach to your organization’s environmental needs can help your business engage with customers more effectively, scale with less footprint, reduce factionalization among employees, and better retain a talented workforce.

Complex problems we solve:

  • Attracting, retaining and developing the right people
  • Adapting to future behaviors and uses
  • Moving to a distributed team model
  • Supporting cultural changes within an organization
  • Updating facilities to enable innovation