We explore the connections of devices and data to invent a profitable future.

Pervasive Computing

Influencing the future of your business.

There are already more computing devices in the world than there are people. In a few more years, the number will climb into the trillions, creating a network whose scale and complexity will dwarf today’s Internet. The future is no longer about navigating a network of computation that we use, but of computation that we live in. The current generation of products and services use technologies that can’t manage this unprecedented amount of available data. This information will have an overwhelming impact on businesses as devices communicate with each other, and with us.

At MAYA, we wrote Trillions: Thriving In The Emerging Information Ecology, which serves as a field guide to the future for businesses and their customers. We believe that the key to future-proofing your business is to create a sound architecture. We can help you break down complex information to understand how it should be used, how it should flow, and how it all fits into a user’s connected world.

Complex problems we solve:

  • Connecting devices and systems
  • Gaining insight and value from Big Data
  • Creating sustainable innovations
  • Future-proofing a business