We design products and services at the intersection of information, technology, and human experience.

Products & Services

Delivering a competitive advantage when you go to market.

The life-cycles for product and service development are being dramatically disrupted. People have drastically increased their expectations when it comes to experience, interactivity and value. In such a dynamic marketplace, it can be difficult to differentiate your businesses’s offerings and build a loyal audience.

At MAYA, we believe that the key to designing products and services is to keep people at the center. And that the most powerful technology is only valuable if you can make it effortless and intuitive to use. With a deep understanding of how people, systems, and information interact, we develop forward-looking solutions in the service of people. We also carefully consider your business goals and design solutions that positively impact your customers and stakeholders.

Complex problems we solve:

  • Making the right thing for users
  • Managing or reducing risk
  • Growing business through new opportunities
  • Gaining traction on new ideas
  • Understanding customers