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Government, Industry and Academia Meet at SUMMIT

May 08 2013

Mickey McManus will deliver the keynote address at the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining’s annual SUMMIT event.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Designing for Big Data

Apr 26 2013

Francine Gemperle will discuss how human-centered design relates to the challenges and opportunities presented by ‘Big Data’ at a special event hosted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club.

Francine Gemperle
Senior Design Strategist

MakerSwarm Opens the Internet of Everything to Everyone

Apr 22 2013

The Internet of Things isn’t just about my things or your things. It’s about casually connecting a thousand, a million, a trillion things to build a richer more connected life.

MakerSwarm Wins DEMO God Award

Apr 18 2013

MAYA’s IoT app authoring tool, MakerSwarm, was one of just 5 winners of the top prize at DEMO Mobile.

Wearability, Interactivity and Innovation

Apr 18 2013

Francine Gemperle will bring her knowledge and experience to the 2013 Smart Fabrics conference in San Francisco, where she will talk about human-centered design for wearability, interactivity and innovation.

Francine Gemperle
Senior Design Strategist

On the Mobile Frontier

Apr 17 2013

MAYA debuts MakerSwarm at DEMO Mobile—an app authoring tool that allows you to connect your smart devices in minutes.

MAYA’s Space Featured in Breaking Ground

Apr 11 2013

Breaking Ground Magazine profiles MAYA’s new office space and the project team that made it happen.

Made Media

Apr 10 2013

Mickey McManus returns to the ad:tech Under the Influence Summit to talk about social media, technology, word of mouth at scale, the trillions of data nodes that are everyone’s future, and influencer marketing.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

La Roche College Honors

Apr 04 2013

Greg Gibilisco, MAYA’s director of Visual Design, is honored by La Roche College as a Distinguished Alumnus.

Greg Gibilisco
Product Lead

Trillions Wins Axiom Award

Mar 27 2013

Trillions is the 2013 winner of the Axiom Business Book Award in the Business Technology category.