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Marketing in the Connected Age

Jan 30 2013

What happens when every thing in your world—your laundry, your kitchen, your house—streams billions of bits of information from trillions of connections, communicating with each other and with you? MAYA CEO Mickey McManus delivers the keynote at the Mobile Marketing Association’s Forum, “The Mobile Connected Life,” in San Francisco.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

MAYA’s David Bishop to Speak at Harvard xDesign

Jan 26 2013

MAYA Fellow David Bishop will join design industry leaders at Harvard’s inaugural xDesign speaker series and design challenge. Organized by former MAYAn Roderick McMullen, the event brings together Harvard’s Business School and the Graduate School of Design to transform the university’s approach to technology, business, and design education.

David Bishop
Strategic Design Lead

Risky Business: Using Human-Centered Design to Make a Better Future

Jan 19 2013

MAYA’s Paul Gould will present a talk called “Risky Business: Using Human-Centered Design to Make a Better Future” (introducing design methods that help to manage risk) to hundreds of high-school students interested in STEM careers at the Westinghouse Science Honors Institute.

Paul Gould
Senior Experience Designer

MAYA COO to serve as AIA Pittsburgh chapter president

Jan 16 2013

Dutch MacDonald was selected by his peers to serve as President of the Pittsburgh chapter of the AIA. A long-time board member, he begins his tenure as president in January 2013.

Dutch MacDonald
Digital Director

TechVibe Radio Digs in to Trillions

Jan 11 2013

MAYA CEO Mickey McManus will be a guest on the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s weekly radio program TechVibe on Saturday, January 12 at noon to talk about connected devices and the future of information. Tune in to WPGB 104.7 to listen, [stream][1] it live, or catch the [archived][2] program.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

A New Year, A Future View

Jan 03 2013

Start the new year with a fresh look at the opportunities and challenges for business, technology and people as we scale a mountain of a trillion connected devices. Host Jim Cunningham interviews Mickey McManus on the future of ‘Trillions’ on The QED Morning Show. Listen to the interview.

Beyond PC Peak: Trillions Mountain

Dec 12 2012

The Pittsburgh Technology Council talks with MAYA CEO Mickey McManus about the end of one era in information technology and the start of another.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

MAYA’s David Bishop Guest Lecturer at CMU

Dec 12 2012

MAYA Fellow David Bishop spoke to students of Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business and the Human-Computer Interaction Institute about applying human-centered design techniques and principles in the real world.

David Bishop
Strategic Design Lead

There’s No Business Without Digital Business

Dec 10 2012

Mickey McManus will lead MBA students at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in a Trillions master class hosted by Professor Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Challenges in the Information Ecology

Dec 04 2012

How can the principles of design science prepare us for the next information revolution? Read an excerpt from Trillions on The Huffington Post’s technology blog to explore the challenges of a vast and saturated information environment.