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The Art of the Spinoff

Jul 07 2010

An article in Inc. magazine talks about how MAYA Design grows by incubating, and then spinning off, successful businesses.

Keynote: Aspen Ideas Festival

Jul 07 2010

Mickey McManus was a keynote speaker at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival. The Festival is a conversation-packed exploration of some of the most important ideas and pressing issues the world faces. Presented by the Aspen Institute and The Atlantic magazine, the Festival strives to highlight the ideas of a diverse group of experts at the forefront of their fields and of leaders whose actions are changing the world.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Fast Company Expert Blog

Jun 21 2010

Fast Company Expert Blogger Shawn Graham visited MAYA and got the scoop on how we foster a culture of innovation.

MAYA Named an Exceptional Workplace

Jun 09 2010

MAYA Design has been selected by Inc. magazine and Winning Workplaces as one of 20 winners of the 2010 Top Small Company Workplaces competition – the best small and mid-sized places to work in the country. Inc.’s June issue features the 20 winners, as well as the 20 finalists. Nearly 500 companies completed applications for the contest.

Conference Board Future of Business Roundtable

May 19 2010

Mickey McManus presented “The Pressure to Innovate” at the Conference Board Conference Center in New York City. The Future of Business Roundtables are a series of two one-day senior executive roundtables for senior executives. Participants will discuss and debate strategies for meeting challenges in 2010 and beyond.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Design Research Conference

May 10 2010

Bill Lucas of LUMA Institute conducted a workshop entitled “Look with care and make things better (ASAP).”

The Hybrid Problem Solver

Apr 16 2010

During the Economist’s Idea Economy Conference Mickey McManus was on a panel of experts discussing the role of design thinking to the business of solving problems. This was a lively and insightful dive into the intersection of design and business. About 45 minutes long.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Blogging Innovation

Mar 29 2010

Braden Kelly, editor of Blogging Innovation, interviews Mickey McManus at The Economist’s “Innovation: Fresh Thinking for the Ideas Economy” summit in Berkeley, California.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Economist Summit - Innovation: Fresh Thinking for the Idea Economy

Mar 23 2010

Mickey McManus participated in this exciting inaugural event for senior-level executives on March 24 at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He spoke on a panel called “The Hybrid Problem Solver,” which focused on design thinking and beyond. In addition, Mickey designed and led incubator/problem-solving sessions where teams develop new solutions to current problems.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Interactions: March/April 2010

Mar 19 2010

Chris Pacione, who heads our LUMA Institute, writes about the “Evolution of the Mind: A Case for Design Literacy.”