The latest news from and about MAYA

Exhibitor 2009, Las Vegas

Mar 22 2009

Paul Gould co-taught a workshop about “Space, Time and the Attendee,” showing how attendees at trade shows are affected by physical space and time constraints.

Paul Gould
Senior Experience Designer

Mar 16 2009

See Mickey McManus’s interview with SmartMoney about the importance of taking smart risks and diversifying during a downturn.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Wall Street Journal Digital Network

Mar 12 2009

Mickey McManus claims that companies need to design two years out into the future, and that innovation and development are the key to survival in the economic downturn.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

MacDonald Sends Architectural Students Out into the Community to Learn

Feb 17 2009

The Pittsburgh Business Times wrote an article about how MAYA’s VP of Operations, Dutch MacDonald (a registered architect), teaches the business side of architecture to architectural students at Carnegie Mellon University.

Dutch MacDonald
Digital Director

Tepper School of Business

Feb 05 2009

Mickey McManus gave a presentation at the Business and Technology Club at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. His talk focused on “Applying Design Thinking to Business Challenges” in a world headed towards a trillion connected devices.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Annual Meeting

Jan 13 2009

Mick McManus presented how to “Transform Your Show by Understanding the Human Dimension.” Informed by MAYA’s firsthand research with the “invisible” exhibitor and the “invisible” attendee, he revealed what truly matters to each, and how it could affect the future of a trade show.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Chris Pacione Speaks on Pittsburgh Technology Council’s TechVIBE Radio Show

Dec 15 2008

Chris Pacione was a guest on Pittsburgh Technology Council’s TechVIBE Radio Show on Monday, Dec 15. The show aired live on Pittsburgh Renaissance Radio 1360 AM WMNY. He discussed Human Centered Design and our workshops.

Expo! Expo! IAEE Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Dec 11 2008

Mickey McManus participated in a panel discussion entitled “Exhibitors and Attendees in Their Natural Habitat: Tools and Metrics for Analyzing Showsite Behavior to Improve Your Show.”

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

In MAYA’s “kiva,” where it is, is what it is.

Nov 13 2008

The Pittsburgh Business Times interviewed Mick McManus about how MAYA’s circular “kiva” with its nearly 360-degree whiteboards (hey, we had to have a door) makes ideation sessions more fruitful (and fun). Modeled after the round ceremonial chambers of the ancient Anasazi culture of the American Southwest, MAYA’s kiva encourages both freedom of interaction and the visual expression of ideas.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor

Healthcare Design ’08 - Keynote

Nov 09 2008

HEALTHCARE DESIGN 08 is the premier conference devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities now and into the future. Mickey McManus discussed the power of true Human-Centered Design as practiced in a deeply collaborative environment.

Mickey McManus
BCG Senior Advisor