PGH Service Jam Wrap-Up

March 20, 2015
Traci Thomas
Senior Strategic Designer

Thousands of “Jammers” across six continents participated in the 2015 Global Service Jam Friday, Feb 27 – Sunday, Mar 1. The Global Service Jam is a volunteer activity organized by a network of enthusiasts who are interested in seeing the field of Service Design flourish. For the last four years, people from all walks of life have gathered for the annual event to learn, collaborate and have fun, while taking a design-based approach to developing new services. MAYA was pleased to host the Pittsburgh Service Jam and welcome design practitioners, students and professionals who were new to Service Design.

Participants in the Global Service Jam formed teams to design and prototype around this year’s theme - a paper fortune teller. Using the theme as inspiration, the Pittsburgh teams came up with three unique services.

To inform their approach, the teams visited Downtown Pittsburgh businesses to interview experts in the hospitality field. Armed with new insight, teams made several prototypes and performed quick usability tests to iterate on their designs. MAYA’s Design Coaches were on hand to educate teams on human-centered design methods and provide feedback throughout the design process. Check out our event photos to see what amazing work the teams were able to accomplish in just 48 hours. We can’t wait for next year!