Strategic Alliance to Transform Connected Experiences in an Information-Rich World

June 1, 2011

(PITTSBURGH, PA) MAY 31, 2011 – MAYA Design, a leading technology design and innovation lab, and PDD Group, a product and service design innovation consultancy are pleased to announce a strategic alliance to bring superior connected experiences to companies across the globe. PDD’s end-to-end innovation skills—from discovery and research, through design, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing—will be paired with MAYA’s expertise in designing services, products, and information-rich environments, enabling organisations to create meaningful connected experiences for their customers.

“As the era of disconnected products comes to an end, more devices and services must be designed to manage the explosion of information,” says MAYA’s President and CEO, Mickey McManus. “MAYA’s expertise in using human-centered design to create ecosystems for connected products and services will create entirely new businesses opportunities, while enabling all consumers, not just the tech-savvy, to feel more powerful.”

Although many companies employ human-centred design practices as part of their development process, they tend to focus on an individual product or service, not on a larger system. Pairing MAYA’s skills in taming the complexity of information ecosystems, with PDD’s expertise in end-to-end product design was “a natural opportunity for a strong partnership,” says PDD’s Managing Director and CEO, Karsten Fischer. “This alliance will enable us to combine two key components—information and devices—to create usable, scalable and desirable experiences for the consumer.”

The alliance will also leverage the core strengths of each organization; PDD’s team of anthropologists, trend forecasters, user experience specialists, designers, and engineers offers integrated innovation experiences across a wide-range of sectors, while MAYA’s cognitive psychologists, computer scientists, game designers, electrical engineers, and architects work to improve the interactions between people and information. This global partnership will leverage opportunities in key markets, specifically focusing on emerging opportunities within the US and EMEA.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with PDD,” said McManus. “With our collective capabilities, MAYA Design and PDD can offer our clients powerful solutions that will transform the speed at which the world operates.”

About PDD Group
PDD is an award winning product and service design innovation consultancy based in London. Its talented team of planners, researchers, designers, engineers and model makers provide design and innovation expertise at every stage of product and service development. Clients from a range of sectors, including: Consumer, Medical, Communications, FMCG, Industrial and Transport, have benefitted from PDD’s true end-to-end innovation experience.

About MAYA Design
MAYA Design is a leading technology design and innovation lab that turns human experiences with technology products into positive, fruitful interactions. For over 20 years, MAYA Design’s team of experts in human sciences, engineering and visual design have been working with a range of Fortune 500 companies and start-up businesses to design innovative products and solutions that improve the interactions between people and information.