Visage Receives SIGecom Test of Time Award

January 24, 2017
Jeff Senn
Chief Technology Officer
Peter Lucas
BCG Senior Advisor

Our published work in information visualizations was recognized by SIGecom for its forward-thinking content and innovative research at this year’s IEEE VIS 2016 conference. “Visage: A User Interface Environment for Exploring Information” was written in 1996 by a team from MAYA Design, Carnegie Mellon University, and Army Research Lab, featuring research on a user interface environment used for exploring and analyzing information.

The Test of Time Award recognizes influential papers published within the past 10-25 years, and are chosen based on their impact on modern research and technology. As a recipient of this award, this paper proves our research, on what would later spinout into Viz, is still relevant 20 years later.

Read the award-winning whitepaper here.