Lifestyle management tools that help individuals meet their health and wellness goals.

BodyMedia is a world leader in the design and development of wearable body monitoring products and services.

The BodyMedia FIT armband gives users around the clock health monitoring and provides accurate, real-time information. Their multi-sensor technology collects over 5,000 data points about users every minute.

MAYA worked closely with BodyMedia (recently acquired by Jawbone) to envision and redesign an activity tracker for web, mobile and tablet that turns this data into an empowering and engaging lifestyle management tool. Our challenge was to improve the experience for current users, while accommodating a wide variety of potential new users, data and devices.


UX Design
Design Language
User Research

Driven by an iterative design process that incorporated feedback from users, our collaborative team created a flexible, configurable interface that helps individuals meet their unique goals. Users are able to choose the metrics that are important to them—from the armband or any other device (like a glucometer). To make the information meaningful, we designed data visualizations that surface important patterns and trends without requiring users to analyze the data themselves. And to support their ongoing success, MAYA developed and implemented an engagement model to keep passive users interested and retain value for those successful in meeting their goals.

The next-generation lifestyle manager debuts in 2014 and puts BodyMedia—who was one of the first companies to launch a body monitoring device—out ahead of the competition.

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