Engaging Visitors Through Physical and Digital Environments

Understanding Space to Engage Visitors

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh visitors were struggling to navigate the library due to a complicated search process caused by decades of ad hoc solutions. The Library came to MAYA to reorganize their space and integrate physical and digital elements into the visitor experience.


Products & Services

Service Design
User Experience (UX) Design
User Research

MAYA observed how visitors used the library and then created personas to test our ideas. We mapped the personas’ interactions with the library’s physical and digital space. Using an information architecture approach, this process established a blueprint that would conceptualize how visitors engage with library facilities and services. After prototyping and testing solutions, we prioritized what to implement by looking at impact and cost.

“MAYA helped us explore fearlessly and spend wisely.”

Herb Elish

Director of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

Designing for a Physical and Digital Space

MAYA provided a well-structured framework for administrators to make long-term plans and help the Library reestablish itself as an innovative information hub. Renovations to its physical space and a new website for its digital space helped reorganize how users accessed information, while new processes, signage and wayfindings helped organize how they navigated space and engaged with services. Improvements to physical and digital environments helped attract new visitors to the Library, while improving customer satisfaction of returning visitors.


increase in book circulation following the renovation

10 years

the signage and wayfinding system were so effective, they are still in use today, 10 years later

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