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Converting Users Into Consumers

It can be tough to convert a user into a consumer in the financial services industry. Complex regulatory, legal, and institutional constraints present even more of a hurdle for banks inviting users to open an account online. Citizens Bank—one of the 20 largest banks in the U.S.—asked MAYA to help improve an online experience in which many people were slipping away without opening an account.


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User Experience (UX) Design
User Research

A Winning User Experience

MAYA’s human-centered design approach not only improved and trimmed the application process, it also helped to translate the personal aspect of one-on-one interactions in Citizens Bank branches to the online experience. The MAYA team worked iteratively and quickly to advance click-through mockups to functioning, tested prototypes that made it easy for the bank to implement. As a result, the number of accounts successfully opened online tripled. MAYA’s work positioned the bank to increase new accounts opened online from 2% to 25%.

↑ 3x

the account completion rate

↑ 40%

increase in online sales


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