Translating Data into New Business

Understanding the Business Value of Information

Excavators can do more than just move dirt. With the addition of GPS, telematics, and other technology, these machines are now also information devices, producing and releasing vast amounts of data about what they know. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of heavy machinery, asked MAYA to perform in-depth research throughout China to understand the business value of this information and how it might be used.


Products & Services
Analysis & Insight
User Research
Identifying New Opportunities with Data-Driven Research

We conducted dozens of stakeholder interviews and performed field research in nine cities throughout the country to make certain that our insights were grounded in real-world needs and possibilities. Our research revealed a complex landscape in which social constructs, such as national identity and personal relationships, were as important to the business as the value of the information.

A Data Architecture to Accelerate Growth

We found that the data captured by our client’s machines proved to be of great interest to potential new customers and markets, such as resale and insurance. By investing in data architecture, collaborating with key stakeholders, and developing new and targeted products and services, our manufacturing client could avoid some unforeseen pitfalls and accelerate growth.

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