Introducing consumers to the future of home monitoring systems.

Introducing Homeowners to IoT

In 2005, years before competitors were considering the Internet of Things (IoT) as a tool to improve homes, Eaton Corporation wanted to create a device that would change the way homeowners monitored their homes. Eaton joined forces with MAYA and Ember, a co-developer of the ZigBee wireless standard, to develop one of the world’s first connected home devices.


Pervasive Computing
Analysis & Insight
Information Architecture
User Experience (UX) Design
User Research
A Connected System Designed Around People

Our work encompassed the entire product development and user experience: from research to interface design. We did extensive in-home research to understand what homeowners, renters, and landlords monitored in their homes. We prototyped with web-enabled wristwatches that received messages from sensors, and designed a web portal for managing communication setting remotely and purchasing additional sensors.

“It’s such a simple system (very Apple Computer-esque), yet I can see it being very powerful… I bet that’s why they won the Design Innovations Award at CES 2005.”

Danny Mavromatis

The First Connected Home Awareness Product of Its Kind

The result was a first-of-its-kind home-awareness product called Home Heartbeat. Home Heartbeat was a monitoring system equipped with sensors that monitored the status of selected areas in the home using a pocket-sized monitor that could configure the system and send alerts. The system sent alerts to a key FOB or via SMS or email alerts to a homeowner’s s mobile device. Home Heartbeat established Eaton as a forward-looking, industry leader ahead of the pervasive computing curve.

Recognized by

Wired, CBS’s The Early Show, and The Wall Street Journal

Award-winning design

Consumer Electronics Show 2005 Innovation Award and Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice

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