Investing in a Future-Proofed Design

Eaton Electrical Corp. wanted to develop a web-enabled meter interface that users could connect to their laptops for more data rich information. To bridge the gap between capturing critical data and communicating it through a user-friendly interface, we created an improved user experience and new approach for Eaton customers to effectively manage information with the Power Xpert Meter.


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User Research
A Scalable Architectural Approach

After conducting research and usability testing, we were able to pinpoint the most relevant information users looked for when using the meter. The architectural approach established a strong foundation for navigation schemes, and allowed Eaton to expand the information space of the meter without breaking the continuity of the design or starting from scratch.

A Future-Proofed Design for a Changing Industry

The result: A new meter with a user interface that provided a quick overview of the system’s performance, with the ability to dig deeper into the numbers using a “bubble up, drill down” approach allowing users to easily evaluate and diagnose problems on their own. A human-centered design approach combined with a future-proofed design helped create a sustainable design that has survived more than 10 years without a major interface redesign.

3 interfaces

were designed to make information more user-friendly


North American Quality Emerging Technology Award & Product of the Year from Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine

10 years

without any major user interface redesigns

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