Connect everything, make anything. Inventing the future of the connected world.

What if everything in your world could work together, in ways that you control?

Connect a set of motion sensors in your aging parents’ home to your iPhone. Let your kids play conductor on a model train. Tell your coffee pot to text you when it’s ready. Or build an interactive sculpture that responds to its environment, to spectators, to other art. How do you get different things to work together when your imagination is the only limitation? That’s the promise of Interstacks, a MAYA research and development project that’s focused on the future of pervasive computing – letting you integrate trillions of things (digital and physical) in a post-PC world.


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Personalize your custom stack

Interstacks is a patented system of snap together, single-function, electronics blocks that allow you to connect the devices in your world.

This is big

Trillions of devices connected to each other and to us? That’s a done deal. And they’ll all be embedded with sensors, each speaking their own language. With Interstacks we’ve created a module for each of these technical languages, from IR to wi-fi, which can be snapped together to let all of your devices cooperate with one another, and empower you to make connections never before possible.

Make anything

Interstacks empowers anyone to become a Maker. Our array of modules allows you to literally connect anything to anything else. Stacks of modules can then be customized to behave any way you want. The possibilities are limitless.

No coding required

So how does it work? We’ve developed a simple, innovative visual authoring tool called Stackbuilder. This drag-and-drop programming environment lets you build, test, and tweak your custom stacks in an accessible, user-friendly way. Stackbuilder will take you from idea to product in just one day.

Stackbuilder allows users to make simple visual connections between modules.

Anatomy of a module

Hover for more detail

Tap for more detail

Logo molded into the top of the case

Ridged edges add texture to the module

The brains

Modules communicate with each other via electronic bus

An LED light indicates messages are being sent and received

Imagination is the only limitation

The mission of Interstacks isn’t just to make cool things possible, but to empower a community of makers to disrupt everything. If we’re truly going to tap the potential of inexpensive, powerful computing to change the world, we need to empower artists, designers, parents, and kids—not just geeks and engineering pros—to connect, make, and invent something new.

Sound like something your organization could use?