A Space Designed for Collaborative Thinking

Designing a Better Space for Collaboration

MAYA wanted to build a better space to support the way our practitioners work in teams, and organically develop the best ideas. Our team drew inspiration from a combination of human-centered collaboration research and ancient circular rooms used for community meetings—known as kivas. By understanding how people collaborate, we were able to overcome traditional group limitations and maximize overall performance.


Creative Environments

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Information Architecture
User Experience (UX) Design
User Research
Leveling Hierarchies to Maximize Team Performance

We arrived at a circular space with whiteboard walls called the Kiva®. The room’s shape helps participants attach ideas to a physical location by connecting the dots between new ideas, allowing them to visualize the big picture. 360-degrees of whiteboard space also helps level the hierarchical structure implicit in most meeting spaces by providing enough workspace to engage everyone in the room. The disruptive effect the Kiva® has on thinking and group dynamics is a proven driver of creativity and collaboration, and has become a staple in MAYA’s design process.


more whiteboard space in MAYA’s Kiva® than the standard meeting room

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