Bringing a taste of the future of digital to the coolest tech conference on the block.

The annual SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas is ground zero for digital innovation, attracting leaders in technology, business, and entertainment. So you know we had to be there.


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Experience Design

“What if” Unconference

Pop-up conference space with daily speaker series

The Zeitgeist Wall

Central data visualization board

The Little Book of What if?

Custom digital data-collecting workbook

The Bitbooth

Interactive phone booth for data collection

MAYA designed and developed a series of rich, stand-out experiences—from concept to finished product—that got festival-goers thinking about the future of digital

The Zeitgeist Wall

We constructed a dynamic data visualization wall. Data collected from various sources throughout the conference was pushed to the Zeitgeist Wall, giving SXSW attendees a broader picture of what was actually happening there.

The Zeitgeist Wall was the centerpiece of the “Pepsico Central” space and featured an animated split-flap design – a digital nod to the train-station boards of yore.

The Z-Wall starts to take form

Array of physical flip-dots capable of displaying animated messages

Twelve 60-inch HD flat screens

25 ft

16 ft

The massive board was fabricated by our friends at IonTank. It consisted of twelve synchronized screens all being fed by a central data respository. It was pretty insane.

The Bitbooth

This custom-built interactive phone booth invited attendees to have fun, unique experience while feeding data to the Zeitgeist Wall. We used a traditional telephone interface and Samsung prototype touchscreens.

45 inch transparent LCD screens


45 inch touchscreen monitors


The Little Book

We designed a custom digital data-collection workbook and custom Livescribe app, then recruited 30 SXSW attendees to be our big data street team. Data points ranging from the peculiar (count the number of beards), to the relevant (draw the elephant in the room) were pushed to the Zeitgeist wall. We even threw in a hidden point system game that allowed the Livescribers to hack the system.

From the Archive: Sample pages from one of our Livecribers

What did our Livescribers think about the experience? We’ll let them tell you.

“What If?” Unconference

Throughout the event, we invited festival-goers to join us in our pop-up conference space to engage in informal dialogues with some of the biggest thinkers at SXSW. The daily speaker series included thought-leader ambassadors from trailblazing companies, including Reddit, HootSuite and MakerBot—clocking in 7 brainstorms, with 200+ innovative minds, generating countless ideas.

The digirati take notice

MAYA’s creations demonstrated the power of on-the-fly data visualization, imagined the future of connected consumer products, and combined physical and digital elements in surprising ways to help PepsiCo break through the noise and capture the attention of customers, media, and digital influencers. The results were powerful and reinforced PepsiCo’s reputation as a leader in digital brand interactions and social media.


PepsiCo’s share of voice

over other major sponsers

120 million

media impressions

including placements with Fast Company, Wired, and Huffington Post

Over 50%

of articles praised PepsiCo for innovation

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