An interactive experience that taps into consumers’ natural desire to experiment and play.

We love to mash-up atoms and bits. And, of course, we love music.

So it started with a fun question: what if a Pepsi can could make music? What if Mountain Dew had a different melody? What if you could mix and match and share that music with friends? MAYA worked with PepsiCo to imagine what the future might hold for their brands in a hyper-connected, hyper-social world.


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UX Design

Bringing the concept to life

In just 24 hours, we produced a concept video showing how a soda can could create an emotional connection to consumers through a simple interactive experience with music, giving PepsiCo a glimpse of what it might look like when consumer products join the social network.

The original concept video kicked off the project, and provided the basis for the design moving forward. It was a long night, but we had some fun.

Fast-forward and play

Now we had to make it real. The prototype in the video turned into PepsiCo Hi-Fi, an app that uses the iPhone’s front-facing camera to track the motion of the soda cans, as well as detect the type of soda. Each brand (Throwback Pepsi, Throwback Mountain Dew, and Pepsi) unlocks its own unique set of sounds. Jam sessions could be recorded, saved, and shared with friends.

MAYA debuted the app—along with the fully functional Pepsi case boombox—at SXSW Interactive, where PepsiCo was a sponsor. By turning a soda can into a musical instrument, PepsiCo created instant DJs and forged a deeper connection between consumers and the brand.

“PepsiCo’s Hi-Fi boombox looks like the kind of thing a scientist would construct on a desert island if he wanted to kick out some jams.”
—Joe Berkowitz, Fast Company

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