A flagship washer and dryer that simplifies the language of laundry, from concept to prototype.

As a premiere appliance manufacturer, Whirlpool Corporation performs extensive in-home research to understand the habits and lifestyles of their consumers.

Whirlpool had accumulated valuable information about how people prefer to wash their clothes that could be used to address customer needs with a sophisticated, high-end washer. But how could they translate this critical research into a cutting edge product? And do it fast?


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User Research
UX Design

Turning customer insights into smart design decisions

It took a small, inspired team from Whirlpool and MAYA just 6 weeks to go from concept to prototype. We combined Whirlpool’s deep insights into user behavior with innovative technology to create an intuitive and satisfying user experience. The result—an “intelligent” and dynamic touchscreen control pad—balanced the need for a wide choice of laundry settings with the ability to recognize and remember individual preferences. The simple yet powerful touchscreen interface shifted the focus from how the machine operates (hot, cold, fast, slow), to what users want (gentler, more efficient).

Rapid prototyping cuts the time to market

One year after we began our collaboration, Whirlpool launched the washer as part of a high-end flagship washer and dryer pair. Together, we cut the time it takes to develop and deliver a new product to the market in half, making it a truly state-of-the-art machine.

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