MAYA Design is now part of BCG Platinion.

We’ve joined the BCG family.

Thank you to the people who have helped us tame complexity since our start in 1989. In 2017, we were acquired by BCG Platinion, but our legacy of transformation doesn’t stop there. See what we’re up to at BCG Platinion.

We tame complexity.

We build the connected world with human-centered design, an architectural approach, and research.


We focus on people first, and form interdisciplinary teams with clients and stakeholders to create a constant feedback loop. We move iteratively from a rough proof-of-concept to an end-to-end experience with real users so that our designs satisfy, delight and inspire.


We believe that information architecture—a blueprint for the connections and patterns of interaction in a system—is critical to future-proofing a business. In complex, connected ecosystems, it’s not technology that binds products together, it’s information.


We fund research efforts so organizations can benefit from understanding the challenges and opportunities of a truly connected world. We prototype future use cases for technology— where trillions of devices communicate with each other, and with us.

Carnegie STEM Girls Tour Their Future at MAYA

Girls from the Carnegie STEM Girls Program came to our space to imagine what their future might look like in STEM.

A Guide to Remote Teaming
Jun 01 2017 by Derek Lasher

Our Senior Strategist from our New York location weighs in on how to build a successful team while working remotely.

The Man in the (Inclusive) Arena
Apr 13 2017 by Adam Paulisick

Why is a diverse workplace important? MAYA’s CCO hosted Director of Engineering, Leslie Miley, to weigh in on the conversation.

The Boston Consulting Group Acquires Digital Design and Innovation Lab MAYA Design
Jul 18 2017

We are pleased to announce MAYA is joining management consulting leader, BCG, to bring world-class design and R&D expertise to their digital capabilities.

MAYA Design Helps Knight Foundation and PAMM Innovate Museum with $150,000 Augmented Reality Initiative
May 18 2017

Knight Foundation is working with MAYA Design to help with research and project framing for a transformative visitor experience.