We design products and services at the intersection of information, technology, and human experience.

We tame complexity.

Taming the complexity of the connected world is an unprecedented challenge.

We aim to make users feel powerful by taming that complexity.

Powerful technology is incredibly complex. Our mission is taming that complexity so that users feel powerful. We call our approach “Taming Complexity” because we believe that the most powerful technology is only valuable if you can make it effortless and intuitive to use. Rather than asking people to become computer literate, the future must be made human literate. Successful products, services, environments, and experiences will do just that, using computing in context to hide, and tame, that complexity for their customers. Our work ranges from the redesign of existing products and services, to designing new connected experiences, to helping our clients be more innovative within their own teams.

This is how we do it.

Human Centered

MAYA focuses on the user first, instead of the technology. We move iteratively from a rough proof of concept to the end-to-end experience with real users so that our designs satisfy, delight and inspire.


It’s critical to invest in information architecture—a blueprint for the connections and patterns of interaction in a system—because in complex, connected ecosystems, it’s not technology that binds products together, it’s information.


The age of products, services, or environments that stand alone is over. We focus on the challenges and opportunities of a truly connected world, where trillions of devices communicate with each other and with us.

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Oct 23 2014

MAYA CEO Dutch MacDonald will present at the 2014 Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA) Annual Summit on how investing in innovative manufacturing technologies can spur economic growth.